Factions - OOM (The last 10% percent) - Come join the fight

[ROYALTY] - Developers

Project Title:
Factions: Origins of Malu

Project History:
I am going to keep it short because there is a lot of history here, so let’s keep it point form:

  • We started in 2008 in developing an MMO with Hero Engine (First released) (Don’t judge! hehe)
  • We realized we have been baited and switched with Hero Engine and Switched Bigworld (Instances VS large open world)
  • Spent 1-2 Years developing game in Bigworld
  • Bigworld got purchased by Wargaming and gave indies the middle finger, ouch…
  • Decided than rather quitting we would attempt to see what our options were in Unreal, came up with a plan to start with a BG and then progress to MMO. (hindsight)
  • After a year of getting the BG developed and released, and finally got our footing with unreal, and we realized just how much time and effort it would take (keep in mind it had been 5 years of development at this point and so we were a bit burnt out)
  • Gave up MMO Dream (for now)
  • The goal now is to take just focus on the BG and make it a non-stop the ongoing epic fight.
  • We still have some core members and have been around for too **** long but we don’t give up

Current State:

  • We have 3 Maps developed (more on the way)
  • We have all characters and creature models (Animation / Armor / Weapons / Particles) Complete
  • We have developed over 10,000 pieces of art
  • We have developed over 2000 animations
  • We are on early access with steam (66% Postive feedback) but has not actually been exposed to the community yet, we pulled from purchase until we had our plan sorted out)
  • We have partners (NDA required) in the industry
  • We estimate about 3 months of work to proper release
  • We need to work on the microtransactions system
  • Polish and test
  • Fix bugs


The purpose the game is capture faction nodes that have placed by an ancient alien race to gain their power and dominance of the map. In the full version, there will be micro quests and games that will be going on the map throughout the battle. The average map size is about the size of AV (from WOW) if a little bigger.


  • BG based (Capture points on large map)
  • Destructables
  • Creatures
  • F2P - Micro (Vanity only, no pay to win)
  • DLC - Map purchase as well (We have many ecotypes developed for the MMO)

Team Name:
Burning Dog Media

Talent Required:
<C++ Programmer> / <Blueprint Scripting>

** This will be a small team this time and so you will get taking a slot for a base percentage of profits. We had tried more complex models however we feel this method will be best going forward.
*** All of this is in contract held by the third party (EchoSign) and can provide references with people from within the industry as we have never screwed anyone over and we are transparent with all Finical dealings.

Factions Origins of Malu

Let’s talk if you are interested.

Just an update.

We only looking for 1 more dev now.


I can help you with mapping for experience (free or very cheap). No experience, but it’s free for you;).

Just an update - Late December.

We only looking for 1 more dev

  • @PiltoMax, we are full up on World Designers but check back later


Dev = Programmer? Are there time commitments (i.e. be at at least one meeting a week, at least 20 hours of work a week , etc, etc)? Is that 3 months a guess or an estimate?


  • We have 2-3 meetings a week (nights mostly and optional if your tasks are updated on trello and/or slack)
  • Time commitment is what you can put in, in the early days we used a 20 hr week guideline but real life interferes a lot so our motto has become “Keep in communication”
  • 3 months is a plan based on minimum scope on proper capacity (Esimtate)