Fact or Fiction

Did you warn me about making Jazz Jackrabbit may cause permament banishment and you will sue to the court?Okay when I remaster Duke Nukem 1 and 2.You will have troubles eighter I have my own lawyers(DLA Piper-soon).

You aren’t making any sense.

Was this meant to be a private message that got accidentally posted here?

Duke Nukem is owned by Gearbox so you will have just as much trouble, if not more given that it’s an IP that has been more recently active.

Why don’t you try coming up with an original idea instead of trying to use other people’s? Then you won’t keep getting shut down and threatened with lawsuits.

I warned you about Jazz Jackrabbit because you don’t have the rights to it. You think you can get away with Duke Nukem, but my lawyers have 20+ years experience, be warned, I am willing to go all the way with this! DLA Piper won’t save you.

Edit: Before someone freaks out and IP bans me, I am trolling…

You have to have the permission of the company who owns said franchise to do anything with it.

You can make a game that is inspired… But not actually the game itself.

Well so I saw re-releases of Duke Nukem 1 and 2.So nawrot and 94 I think making high definition duke nukem dualogy are more possible if i ask than licence for jazz jackrabbit(at least re-release)which is impossible?

They are either doing so illegally, or they have permission from the creators/publishers. The chances of you getting permission to re-release a game are low unless you have a plan and are reliable.

GOG is a game selling service like steam. But no DRM.
So it’s all legal. They were actually the first place to start reselling System shock 2 If I am right!

Also, lukaszdamianpiotrrygal, you would have to get consent from Epic games for Jazz jackrabbit.

twitter is place like i can ask gearbox software for duke nukem hd dualogy,but epic won’t give eeven DRM or GOG license to no one?

The nonsense is strong with this one! Epic has a contract with GoG for their older titles. Selling an existing game and making something with their IP are extremely different. In short: if your plan is to do it (or even seek permission to do it) … don’t. Not without some incredible plan and pitch anyway (for the seeking permission).

Um… Drm is not a license. It’s a program that makes sure you are using a registered copy. Like steam or Origion. (DRM actually stands for Digital Rights Management.)
In other words… A pain in my rear.

Gearbox AND Epic will not simply give you a okay to do things like this.
In fact… Interceptor entertainment was working on a duke nukem game, until Gearbox told them to stop. And they had to make Rise of the Triad instead of Duke nukem. So they will not give it easily…

And GOG does NOT give licenses to sell or remake games. They got the permission of the company to sell games.
They are simply the middle man. Just selling you the product. (Without DRM… :slight_smile: )

Simply put, It is nigh impossible to get a license to a well know franchise. (Even major companies can’t sometimes.)
You can make games inspired by them, but not the actual game itself. But it’s better in the long run to try making an original game.