Facility 05


My name is Jens Patteeuw, and I’ve started building a 1v1 map in UE4.
In this thread I’ll be sharing my work in progress of my level, which is called Facility 05.

I will kick this thread off with a few blockout printscreens and a basic lighting setup.
All feedback and comments are more than welcome.


Friendly greetings,
Jens Patteeuw

Started with creating some modular props for my scene.
Trying to keep them all in the same style.

Changed the lighting a little bit as well, I added a Directional Light to boost
the global brightness and give the scene a fancy illumination angle.

Can’t wait to animate the ventilation turbine and have some moving drop shadows.

Level update:

looks interesting, starting to take shape now!

Update on my level.
All feedback and comments are more than welcome.

Friendly greetings,
Jens Patteeuw

Coming nice along :slight_smile: