Facilitate the creation of Blueprint with Pseudocode/Text

It would be nice if there was a place where you could type parts of a code, if conditions, while loops, etc and the corresponding blueprints would automatically be added. Just like you can autocomplete IDE’s. Blueprint is good and all but there are some things that are just much faster done in code, the process of looking for an specific blueprint is a tedious one that takes time.

1 - You type your if, else, return code
2 - You get the blueprint for that code
3 - Use tab to switch to the blueprint
4 - Insert the input of/for the blueprint
5 - Tab to proceed to the next blueprint

Use C++ then. Wtf.

You can easily use Hotkeys to spawn Nodes in Blueprint.

I’m pretty sure that there isn’t a hotkey for every single possible node in Blueprint, Raildex.

I would love some kind of workflow that works entirely without the mouse, though. The current one is simply not fast enough.
A kind of scripting language would be very helpful here. This topic has come up a few times already, though, so I would assume that the devs are already aware of the interest.

This post triggers me so hard; You want to type instead of use the mouse? C++. Oh but you want to type in a ‘blueprint’ language? Are you aware that there’s some community projects that offer embedded LUA and V8 (Javascript)?

Do you realise the amount of work that would need to go into what you’re asking?


Zinglish, read up on earlier posts on the topic. I’m pretty sure that everyone is well aware of how much effort is required.

The point of a complementary scripting language is not to replace C++. It’s to give a user the ability to quickly type up a piece of code that would be unwieldy in blueprint’s visual style, without needing to fire up Visual Studio. This would save on compile and load times, which is perfect for the prototyping process.

Really, the idea would be very similar to the already existing math expression node, just with a higher degree of flexibility. And a slightly better editor, as editing math nodes isn’t exactly a fun thing to do.

Haven’t tried it yet, but there’s also skookumscript

It’s a free scripting plugin on the marketplace.

You can make blueprint nodes with it too.