Facial MoCap using Webcam / Kinect for PC

In the first quarter of next year, I am hoping that my PrioVR suit is shipped. So this takes care of my general movement motion capture… however, I would also like to do facial mocap as well for characters talking and other subtleties regarding facial animations.

Is there a good, off-the-shelf solution for this? Something that is decent, but at a good price range for enthusiast/wanna-be indie devs?

Also, as far as timing the audio (speech) and speech animation, is there an animation/audio timing feature in UE… or what would be the best workflow to make sure that the audio is timed correctly to the animations, or vice-versa?

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I’m also curious about this, as ‘product features’ pages don’t speak about the experiences the user has, and most of the time doesn’t even explain the kind of skeleton/morph rig required.
youtube has different examples but most are either about FaceShift or Brekel face pro (with greatly varying quality in the results) or “some research thing” that isn’t available.

I’d be specially interested in a solution that can produce animations through bones/dummies (as opposed to morph targets) because I’d like to “reserve” morph targets for actual face deformations. moreso if the output can go through 3dsmax :slight_smile:

Faceshift works pretty well, tried it in beta and it had fairly good results, haven’t tried it recently but it only could improve since then. I haven’t tried Brekel but it’s probably pretty good as well.

Faceshift is $800/year, which isn’t too bad considering that it’s only $34/month, however, that is an upfront expense, which is not good for my current budget.

If you’re non-commercial then they sell it without subscription for $150

Really? I’ll have to contact them then. Thanks for the heads up!

I currently own Faceware Lite and it works pretty well, especially if you have a 60+fps camera which allows you for a more precise tracking and lipsync…
Faceshift its easier to setup and more straight forward, but regarding lipsync, because of the Kinect fps, is very loose

If you don’t want to buy the software you can always rely on Blender, which has a pretty fantastic tracker built-in, so you can do the classic “marker tracking” animation…ita time consuming, especially the setup, but it does the job pretty well :wink:

Hi I found software named f-clone. http://f-clone.com/