facial expressions animations Question

hi peoples, i have a question toward face animation toward "morphs animation.

I have a DAZ charactera and it have the expression morphs, like making a angry or happy face, my question toward it is about what is better if the other option is possible.

if to make a “face animation” i have to animate it outside unreal like in daz or any other animation software and export to unreal to then “blend to others animations if needed” or i can export the expression morph to then inside unreal using blueprints to “trigger it”, i means:

i have a character then he is idling or walking then suddenly he get anger for something" then instead of export that anger animation to unreal i will export the morph, then when the character get anger i will use a blueprint to “trigger this morph” making the character anger, it’s possible???

if it’s possible to use blueprint to “trigger morph animations”, anyone know how i could do that???(could be a basic explanation) and what is better using the morph to trigger the animation or exporting the animation and blending it???

Yep, you can definitively trigger morphs values inside UE4, you just need to use the node “Set Morph Target”, and eventually use something to blend the value from 0 to 1 over a period of time ( let’s say using a timeline, adding a float that goes from 0 to 1 over 1 second ).

wow thanks for the replay that was exactly what i was wanting, because i feel which would be much better does that animations using morph than using “pure animation”.

If you have a single facial expression, this might be very easy to do, but if you need a full facial animation for dialogue or in general for your game, well in that case a baked facial animation will be better.

i’m planing to make a “the sims like game” with “emotions”, then i feel which would be more usefull to me have each emotion being used as a morph target because i wanted to have some basic “talk animtions” and all normal animations, to be able to use that “expressions” without need to bake the expression inside each animation, it feel which is much more simple and fast for exemple if i want my character talk angry he will have the moprh angry face while using the talk animations and as i told for all others exemples if the character is smiling then he will have a smile face while walking or running, then if his “mood” change and he get sad then the morph will be changed to a sad one and things like that, without have to touch in the regular animations.

Instead of have let’s say 5 talk different versions of the same animation(one for each emotion) i have 5 morphs which will be using the same talk animation and basically every other animation will be using that morphs reducing a lot all the work to have to bak all the expressions into each animation.