Facial Capture with UE4 with an Ipad Pro?

Hey, everyone.
I saw the article about the new Live Link Face app and it got me wondering if its something I could get to work with the new Ipad Pro?
There’s nothing mentioned about Ipads, but I’m thinking that since the Ipad Pro has both True depth camera and supports the ARkit, it should be able to work the same as an Iphone X?
Any thoughts on this?

PS: I saw there’s already a topic about a problem with Facial Capture with IphoneX, but wasn’t sure if it’s ok to ask there, since it could be considered off-topic. I apologize if I’m creating a duplicate topic.

I think they only way you’ll get an answer is by trying to do it.
Not many people are using this feature, and there isn’t much as far as tutorials.
in fact, Check the topic below for the video that was shared.

Absolutely, unfortunately I didn’t have an Ipad available when I asked this question. Now I do and I’ve tried it.
So if there are other people wondering - yes, it works!