Facial Animation

UDK’s facefx was pretty easy and now we don’t know if we’ll get facefx or not, at a reasonable price
So what does everyone prefer for facial animation for UE4?
Why don’t have something simple like mixamo’s unity plug in?

Agreed. Of all the stuff on my Unreal Engine wishlist, this is at the top.

I use Faceware mostly, but also a custom lipsync tool derived from Softimage, and it works pretty good…I also developed a custom rig creation ( blend shape based ), which is pretty fast and allows you to transfer all the shapes in a couple of steps…

If you guys are interested let me know, since I’m launching the service my prices are quite affordable :slight_smile:

Together with a friend I tried a bit ago to develop a custom lipsync tool for UE4, but right now is on hold

Other solutions look for Dinamixyz, Faceshift or FaceFx, but a custom one for UE4 is yet to be developed

Hi Nicolas3D. We’ve spoken to each other about this in the past. When (if) I ever get something to work on, you are the one I will be speaking to.

(Unless Epic come up with something :)).

Ehehehee, yes, I bothered a lot of people :smiley:

Anyway Jeremy Ernst is updating the ART plugin for Maya and he’ll add the facial rig module, which will be done most probably with a joint based solution and a couple of blend shapes on top of them, I guess quite similar to the Gear of War 3 rigging he already did which was pretty cool…

Main issue is still something that will create facial animation, and if I remember correctly, during the stream of the ART toolkit they literally said that for now they won’t create any custom tool for UE4 since there are already solutions available ( said somewhere around here )

Edit: Sorry, they said they were thinking something like FaceFx directly inside UE4 ( with a wave curve driving the animation ala UE3 ), but since now nothing has come up…

Can you explain please what kind of service is this? Facial rigging as well?

I’m also curious what does epic uses in-house for their upcoming game(s).

Hey BarisT, faceplus is in a bit of chrysalis phase at the moment, but if you have any feedback in features or implementation that you would like to see we would love to get your feed back! Check out and vote on some of the ideas in the forum link below or feel free to post your own.

The idea of a standalone application has been gaining a lot of traction

Thanks Tyler, I thought Mixamo was for Unity only.
Yes, something that’s integrated to UE4 or standalone would be nice.

As you can see the only alternative seems like 900 usd facefx at the moment, and that’s still in the dark.

A simple plugin to UE4 would work really as you can see most unity developers are using unity for simple 2d games that doesn’t need facial animation, however for UE4, there are many adventure, rpg even movie projects which would need some sort of facial animation tool…

To be honest, a Mixamo solution would be ideal, as I already use Fuse to generate the characters.

I ditto those above me. Need Faceplus for UE4.
Mixamo has been, it seems, working along with Unity quite well, but now that UE4 is free, we need to see more Mixamo-UE4 integration. :smiley:

Yeh, and would be even more willing to pay the $50 Indie plan subscription as long as I have $.
Just had two months of that subscription but because of budget had to call it quits.
More Fuse content and a UE4 Faceplus would be a great incentive to get in debt, though!

I found very odd that they kinda abandoned FacePlus since its no longer in development…when they showed the demo I was quite impressed! far from being perfect or at the same level of Faceware/Dinamixyz, but at least indie developers would have a pretty nifty tool to work with and having acceptable results…

And another thing: its just just data, 0 to 1 values based on shapes, how difficult it is to translate those values inside UE4 or any other application?
I did something similar using Faceshift and a custom script inside Maya…it took 10 minutes, and I’m not even good at scripting!

The tech looks pretty good but they don’t know what to do with that…if they release a standalone tool it’ll be every indie developer, because facial animation is still not so cheap and the setup itself for every character is a pain…lets see what they’ll do :slight_smile:

yes, another bump for Mixamo integration.

However, I find it a bit odd that there are no “official” statements from Epic on this matter. I mean, they are great about adding all features requested by the community and constantly updating the engine, but not just they are not even saying anything about “facial animation”.

I wonder what is their in-house solution for their up-coming game Fortnite?

From what I’ve seen usually for companies the easiest solution is usually to directly get license for the software itself ( FaceFx and so on ) instead of developing their own…which sounds strange but if you do a bit of research they usually do something like that.
If I remember correctly also UE3 rely on FaceFx and didn’t have a built-in solution for facial animation…

Cryengine 3 has a pretty robust lipsync animation tool, but just for lipsync…

Faceware is probably going to release a plugin for UE4 for realtime lipsync, which will be what everyone wants, but I guess it’ll cost quite a bit since the technology is still relatively new…

Facial animation is kinda exploding with new technology, so I guess in the ( hopefully near ) future the tech will be evolving and the price will be affordable :slight_smile:

It really came down to product popularity and focusing our small team’s efforts for the summer. A much larger number of people used the autorigger so we’re putting the big brains on improving that for a bit and expanding the animation library a whole bunch, and in the meantime it gives us breathing room to get meaningful feedback about the kind of product people want FacePlus to be. I would definitely not count FacePlus as down and out, just taking a vacation, and I bet its going to come back better than ever.

Gratuitous gif of me dorking out

Since we have access to UE4 source code, I wonder why it is “not” easy to implement FacePlus straight to UE4 as a plugin? (Which would be very useful)

Well, if Mixamo will release the source code for FacePlus ( wink wink, it’ll never happen ) I guess the community might solve this issue :slight_smile:

Well, tbh I’m not expecting them to release the source for FacePlus, they can just add a plugin to UE4 themselves and license to us indies at “indie” price, that’s all I’m asking:)