Facial Animation 3ds max to UE4


I have a problem with UE4 importer.

  1. I have created the animation using morph targets.

  2. I have exported it to fbx. I’m sure that animation is there cuz when I import it using 3ds max I’m able to play it.

  3. I import this animation to UE4.

The problem is that modificators of morph targets are not loaded by importer.
I can see only animation of eye bones, morph targets are set to 0 for whole animation.

What can I do with this problem?

Did you bake/plot the morph target values for the entire animation?
Did you enable the morph target curves inside persona while playing the animation?

This is my first time importing morph targets, so probably I’m missing something :slight_smile:

How to enable the morph target curves? Is there some checkbox in persona?

This should help

You don’t need to add a curve but just show the one you currently have in your exported character.
You should see all the morphs with their own animation curves :wink:

Thanks for the sugestion, I already read this documentation and I couldn’t find what I’m looking for.

I have baked the animation to fbx with checked deformations.
Mine character have over 30 morph targets:

But in curves I’m able to see only 8, and they are called: B C E J L M P S. I assume that they are responsible for eyes movement cuz only they are moving.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? :slight_smile:

Mmhhh…this is based on Faceshift, right?
I exported also a rig based on Faceshift blend shapes and I didn’t have this kind of problem, also the name of the curves themself were the same as the name of the blend shape instead of letters…
Actually I don’t know what is causing that…

Not sure exactly what’s happening, but I suggest you to export just the blend shape rig inside UE4, then create ( in Maya or whatever ) and animation ( manual keyframe ) on a couple of blend shapes and see what happen…

Ok, i think that I know what is the problem (but I have no idea how to resolve this).

Looks like the animation is exported correctly, but it names are loaded incorrectly to ue4.
For example if I use morpher EyeBlink_L it is loaded as E.
If i use both EyeBlink_L and EyeBlink_R then only one of them is loaded as E.

So while loading FBX created in 3ds max 2013, UE4 writes only first letter of blend shape :frowning:

BTW: I have just downloaded trial version of Maya 2014 and guess what - everything is working :slight_smile:
That is probably fault of FBX vertsion, below 2014 there are problems with loading morph targets to UE4. Can anyone confirm it?