Faceware Live kit - Animation for ue4

Hi guys im looking forward to test the lifeware live kit, can you recomend us which is the suitable one to work for some bots we would like to implement on our upcomming developing projects
we want to try new things but things to start and invest right, not buying things we dont need jet neigther buy things will make us feel stuck when its time for development. I dont know much about
motion kits, but i do know about cameras and vr glasses, if you dont get advised good for the purpose you want you will buy the wrong thing, when we talk about this materials they are too far away expensive, but configuring our own bots its too important for us. Even for other things this are better than a conventional 3d printer XD , (when we talk about technology)

-Faceware kit - references, price , specs

-Body kit - references, price , specs

pd: i´ve seen great companies which they rent their things, but im not up for this things, its just hardware… soon all this wont be needed with a simple camera, snapchat and other phones apps
make a great recognition for ar things…