Faces facing the player don't appear on imported model

So I’m just learning both blender and UE4. I tried to import some low-poly pine trees I made but when the player looks at the model, the faces closest to the player disappear. the faces will all appear and disappear in order to maintain the look. Its a bit hard to explain, so have some pictures

Imgur: The magic of the Internet (or in the attatchments)

As you can see, no matter where you go you can see into the objects as the faces facing the player disapear. the last image shows what the trees look like in blender where they were created.

your models normal are flipped(in blender you can see both sides and in UE4 you can only see one side), in blender switch into edit mode go to the “shading” tab, press “A” to select all the faces of your mesh and click the “flip direction” button, then just re-export/import from blender to UE4 and it should all be good.

hope that helps:)

That worked! Thanks.