FaceFX and UE4?

Is FaceFX included with UE4? I can’t remember

If not, is there a new workflow for face animations?

I didn’t see any reference to FaceFX in the source code, so I’m guessing no. Or at least not yet.

If I had to guess, I’d say it is like SpeedTree where it will be supported by the developer, but with a price.

Wtaf? Charged for facial anomations? No thanks!!!

you can always try Fuse/mixamo FacePlus , saw a post that its now free but don’t hold me to it

There is currently no way to directly use Face Plus with UE4. You have to record it using Motionbuilder 2014, then export and reimport to UE4.

Anyone has more info on this? Looks like for 899usd, they let you integrate it into ue4 but will be available soon. I wonder if the workflow would be same as udk

WHAT? How did I not hear of this before? :eek:

not sure but we could be lucky here

ok my bad looks like you have to pay for it i suppose indies might have the money but i’m sure i don’t

Does anyone know the pipeline for this? Do I still need MotionBuilder, or a third-party program to plug StudioPro into Unreal? Or does StudioPro do all the work? (Bar the webcam/similar, of course).

from looks of things pretty much like the old days but with morph target support, eg a load of ref poses created it max/maya then export/import to facefx , you still need to do a lot of work in your 3d program, though you might need the facefx studio to create the facefx file to import to ue4 but thats just me guessing

You could always just animate it using sequences. You know, the normal way.

You can also not bump 2 years old posts.