Facebuilder for Blender alternative

Are there any tools like KeenTools FaceBuilder that are free around or maybe methods that could achieve the same effect?

Headshot Plugin for Character Creator is nice too. I guess it’s worth paying for any of those, since there’s not really anything around for free.


So far, you can hack meshroom by using a custom generated mesh with proper UVs to render out the photo set to a texture.
This does work, but you need to sculpt, topologize and UV map first.
After that, the model has to be in the exact same position as the sculpt throughout the photo set.

That means you would need to snap around 24 cameras simultaneously for best results.
(Maybe guys with a professional scan studio can afford this).

The results are very professional despite 0 cost even when taking multiple pictures.
But don’t rely on it to generate your mesh or textures. You have to do all of that manually.

I’m looking for something to go the otherway around.
I don’t give 2 :poop: about the model, since I’ll always do a better job at it than any software.

I would like a program that takes my photo set, and automatically returns a flattend texture to be used however I see fit.

That way instead of messing around trying to unwrap correctly blind, you can unwrap and move parts around to where they ought to be for near 0 distortion…

Thanks! Looks good. I’m mostly using one front portrait image to create character and Headshot Plugin so far is great. Also I’ve tried recreating characters in Metahuman by using image overlay, but it’s not working so well on full modification. Character Creator on other hand is capable of that, but overall it’s just very time consuming if you have just started character design.
Anyway, once trial runs out it’s back to Blender, so I guess it’s better to accept the long road :smiley:

I’m having decent luck just sculpting details to bake down in Zbrush.

The same is probably achievable in blender with dynotopo, but you have to design/produce the alpha maps that you would have to use to model the skin details (or maybe buy a pack).

The zbrush way of creating brushes yourself is just so much more accessible that you can model skin out in hours when starting from absolutely 0.

The sculpt provides Normal and Roughness map.

The diffuse should either be cleaned up to not contain any creeses/Hotspots, or, you should try and model the model based on the diffuse.

Substance painter is absolute trash btw, so I would say don’t even try it.
Mari is possibly the best for texturing. But you may faint at the price tag…