Facebook is building its own Steam-style desktop gaming platform with Unity


All this will do is destroy Unity’s reputation. Facebook has already managed to destroy Oculus’s rep by making them do stupid things while turning off people who were looking forward to it. Now Facebook is going for Steam since it wasn’t able to go ahead with its moronic exclusive titles idea easily.

uhhh i don’t know what to say lol. Yay??

Basically their games platform has failed (web games aren’t worth anything any more), so they’re trying to encroach a new market. They have a lot of reach, so it could actually work. Hardcore gamers are unlikely to want another client though, and not one attached to Facebook.

On the bright side, hopefully this will make all the people pushing shovel wear garbage on Steam will transition over to Facebook’s client instead.

I don’t think the average facebook user is into desktop games, I could be wrong but is what I’ve noticed.

They (and Microsoft) are trying to transition users into using ‘app stores’ like the ones they are familiar with on mobile devices. That’s the point.

I know! It’s horrible isn’t it!

They are trying to corner the market in their corner.
I hope they get H E double hockey sticks for this!

Average user there is on mobile with poor gpu.
Because facebook is free to use 24/7 by many many data plan providers from most countries (I think facebook is paying them for this I dunno), so ppl don’t even have to pay for internet to use it. (or buy a “gamer smartphone” at all).

But yeah, facebook killed Oculus for me; as soon as they’ve announced the deal I don’t want to know anything about it anymore.

Interesting! … But kind of curious, how exactly did they FB / Oculus kill it for you?
Start-up takeover… Kickstarter ‘betrayal’… FB, biggest info slurper after Google etc… ???

Because at first it would be a new PC Platform.
Now it is a gadget absorbed by an AdNetwork platform and used as a service…

I let my soul burn in hell if they don’t eventually put little bottomline advertisements onto your Oculus screen; and later on, even play “tv commercials” on your face while you play or watch something. I totally see it happening and I’m pretty sure this is the one reason why facebook bought it.
I just see it happening and I can’t help; I just would be very very mad if they do that to me so I gave up on Oculus entirely at the end. If were I facebook creator I would do exactly that to users, so I’m pretty sure they will do it someday, and as a consumer I don’t want to take part on that.

Um, why?

Games online can be released on multiple platforms. It’ll be just another platform for developers to release their games on.

I doubt it that Facebook will try to bribe shovelware developers to make their games exclusives so that they won’t release crapware on Steam.

Agree. Its not just Ads either, that’s just the beginning. Critics are calling it ‘Surveillance Capitalism’…

Hence the ‘hopefully’ :stuck_out_tongue:

As you say, it will probably just be used as yet another platform… but I can dream **** it! :slight_smile:

Edit: Those ****'s are not actually covering up a ‘Bad Word ™’.

Smart move for both Unity and Facebook.
Unity has found a niche that it dominates in the mobile space and in what would in the past be referred to as flash or flash like games, this cannot be denied.
Facebook has been home to a great many of these games so the pairing is natural.

In the Unreal world we don’t really have to worry about this as for the most part I believe most here are making games that fall outside of these, or if they do fall into this type of game they can still reach mobile/web no problem with Unreal.

But let us be realistic as most facebook users don’t like desktop games so this might fail. I don’t think people will shift to desktop gaming platform.