FaceARSample Without Apple Developer

I’m trying to do the FaceARSample but I don’t want to pay for the Apple Developer account. I know that you can deploy apps made in Xcode with just a provisioning profile, but for that, you need to open the project in Xcode. I’ve tried making an xcode project out of my uproject so I can set that up, but no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about gettings that certificate and provisioning profile?

The only way is to pay the £79.99 for a years Apple developer licence so you can generate provisioning profiles and certificate, as Xcode managed provisioning profiles will not work with FaceARSample, the only other way is to get someone who has successfully deployed the project to give you a code so you can download it with TestFlight, I’m trying to get this working myself, I have got it deployed to my iphone but there seems to be an error with arfacecomponant that I have yet to solve

hope this helps

Honest advice, rather spend $100 to avoid endless trouleshooting with UE/Xcode otherwise you won’t know how much time you would need to invest unless you are experienced iOS developer. If you work for any company does iOS development, you can try develop with enterprise credentials also (that’s most of us do).