FaceARSample on "4.22"

About FaceARSample.
I was able to test the project after a lot of work on 4.20.3.
However, it did not work on the .21 version and I just tested on .22 and it also did not run.

Play in editor start time for / Game / Maps / UEDPIE_0_FaceTrackingMap_Simplified -0.107
Blueprint Runtime Error: “Accessed None”. Blueprint: KiteBoyHead_JointsAndBlends_AnimBP Function: Run Ubergraph Kite Boy Head Joints and Blends Anim BP Graph: EventGraph Node: Set OriginalTransform

I just disconnected the SetOriginalTransform, also because I had the same error on 4.20 ( now I’m on 4.21.1 ), and it works as expected

Did you disconnect this node in the main Blueprint?
I did not find this function.