Face of Mankind

So, are there any ex-fommers here or people who played this game? Its gone now, servers been down a year odd, but if you know what Face of Mankind was or played it for some time (and enjoyed it), say hi :).

I say hi, but only because of the voice in my brain ordered me to do.
I never played Face of Mankind.

Much appreciated either way :p. I am looking for old fommers who are interested in trying to recreate that magic the game had.

Ex FOM player here (James Ash from MotB, BOS, Remnants, Blacklisted, Solid). Nice to see some old faces around here. :slight_smile: I remember you and its nice to see that you joined forces with Ian Brooker, Arsenic and Noah Kirchner.

Damion Marx here! (former BoS drug dealer)I just found out today that FoM shut down and honestly a little piece of me died I loved the rp aspect but decided to stop playing when the population started dropping and my friends all took off, it was a lot of fun (before fall of the dominion, in my opinion) being able to make secret deals in Paris or even persuade members of the government to secretly support BoS money could buy a lot of people on that game and I was good at making money haha.

Hello :slight_smile: I played the game

Ahoy there, it’s nice to see you think about the game now and then, it’s me John Marshall XD

Yeah I’ve missed FoM a whole lot lately so I’ve also been trying to teach myself how to use unity and making models through blender, I’m an absolute beginner so I’ve got a long way ahead of me, I’m learning a little of programming in uni so that might help a lil I guess, this game was basically childhood/teenhood for me lol I’ve started fom when I was 13 (2010) and I’m 19 in a month.

If fom ever comes back I hope it’s not in the hands of those who killed it in the first place

Say hi if you still remember kazekagi yondaime. Barcode, Lord Frost, lady xhunter