Face Mocap proof of concept for UE4 and Android

Hey all,

Just a post to share with the community our new tutorial about Face Mocap using Android and UE4. It might be of interest for some of you!

Here it is : ISCD Tutorial, Face Mocap in Unreal Engine C++ using Android - YouTube

Hope you like it! Below is the summary of our tutorial. Enjoy :slight_smile:

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to setup facial motion capture in Unreal Engine 4 using an free android application. We are going to animate a MetaHuman based on motion capture using the Face Mocap free Android app available here, developed by Motion.mx. This is a only a proof of concept, since the Face Mocap application used here is not optimized and suffers from inaccuracies. To connect this app with our UE4 application, we use a TCP connection, and for the sake of performance we developed everything in C++ using the UE4 Sockets and Networking libraries.

This tutorial has been created by Institut des Sciences du Calcul et des Données from Sorbonne Université, in Paris. The ISCD is dedicated to exploring and developing the potential of computational and data-driven research and training across science, humanities and medicine. Our research teams use the power of algorithms and visualisation to solve problems in biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, medicine, and the digital humanities. We also have a dedicated team for scientific visualisation, developing new applications for sciences and humanities using real time engines, such as Unreal Engine or Unity.

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This is amazing. Thanks a ton for your content!