Face Mocap plugin for Facewaretech Live server

Today i published my plugin to connect UE4 with Facewaretech Live Server
watch the demo video (click on the image):

-real time mocap data from Facewaretech live server
-creates a component to add to any blueprint to access mocap values
-all mocap named values are available on blueprints (no uv values see notes)
-value modifiers, let you multiply/offset/limit values in real time to fine tune your animations

Full example available that shows how to bind mocap values to morph targets.

Facewaretech Live Server 2.5 is required : https://www.facewaretech.com/software/live
This plugin has no relation with the company.

Facewaretech Live Server lets you use head mounted camera or static camera (eg. desktop webcam).

*Facewaretech delivers animation values like mouth_open:0.5 and uv values(landmarks) like {x:200,y150}
currently this plugin only receives animation values (mouth_open and other similar named values).
*This plugin only makes the mocap values available on blueprints. (checkout the example project as a reference on how to setup your custom character)
*This plugin requires Facewaretech Live Server 2.5 to work.
*In order to use your own character model, it requires to have morph targets or bones in the face (like those in fornite models)
and you will need to bind mocap values to each morph/bone manually.

You can buy the plugin here (its also on pending aproval to be published on the marketplace):