Face AR Tracking Android (Pocophone F1)

Hi guys,

if this is the wrong forum section for this, I apologize.

I was wondering if it’s possible to adapt the Face AR sample, which uses the iPhone X infrared and selfie camera array to track face motion and drive animations on a 3D character, to android phones with similar hardware (IR and selfie cam for face unlock). Specifically the Pocophone F1 by Xiaomi. It seems to have the same hardware capabilities and costs a fraction of the price of an iPhone. So it would be a major leap for solo indie developers like me being able to create facial animation for characters very fast and with ease. I recently discovered that Xiaomi copied the Memojis App from Apple (source:…imoji-t3851574). So the software capabilities exist too. Someone also ported this to other devices (…evice-t3852410).
Maybe someone with more understanding about the magic behind this can give me a hint or directions how to do this. I’m a half-good blueprint developer with no experience in C++ :smiley:
Looking forward to a great discussion.
Thanks in advance!