Face AR Sample problem - can't enable "Update Animation in Editor"

Hi All

I just downloaded the Face AR sample project from the Epic page. Everything seems to work (iPhone XR connects to UE, the facial capture seems to be happening in the Blueprint editor. Except I can’t check “Update Animation in Editor” in the Skeletal Mesh section of the Details panel (section 12 of this doc…one/index.html ). Any clues why? (I am able to check all the other boxes in that section except for that one). What am I missing? (Setup Win10, iPhoneXR, both on same wireless network).


Second this, having the same problem

Same problem

Saw that they updated the Face AR Sample to 4.26… downloaded to see if this was fixed. Still can’t select the “Update Animation in Editor” button, but you can see it update in the preview viewport of the KiteBoyHead_JointsAndBlends_AnimBP class. Also, when you play the project, it also updates. You do have to save and compile the AnimBP after linking it to your iPhone.

Oh yeah, I also had to make the Z (Yaw) value of Make Rotator positive instead of negative, because it was inverting my head movements otherwise.

Same problem.

anyone found any solution to that yet?

I’m on 4.25 and stuck on this as well

Yup! Found a way. You can use blueprints to fix it in like 30s. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do it:

Thank you SO much!