Face AR Sample, Head Rotation only works within Epic's Project?

Anyone got any Face AR Sample Experience? Got everything working perfectly except I can only get head rotation within Epic’s project not my own even though it’s the exact same mesh : ) The Apple blendshapes work fine, they are fed in through the Live Link Pose Node in the Anim Graph. But it doesn’t seem to feed headPitch, Yaw, Roll. If I change those curves to standard apple ones like jawOpen the head will rotate with jawOpen…

Any help much appreciated.


Quick Update: I still haven’t totally figured this out, but I have learned that it’s not project dependent, but head rotation does seem to be dependent on Epic’s Anim BP in the Face AR Sample. If you create your own Anim BP and copy over the blueprints from theirs, it will not work! I’m so confused…

I figured out the secret Epic and I will keep it safe for you I promise. We don’t want people to actually know how to use the demos right?

I completely disabled the head rotation, due to the fact that I’m using mocap equipment to drive the head, but this sounds really odd…
Since the values from the phone just drive the Transform Bone rotation, did you check if you’re getting the values from the phone?
Use a Get Curve and print string to check if you’re getting the values, because it should be rather easy to create or reuse the same setup.

Hi there! I’ve run into the same issue, I have been able to replicate the demo for the facial expressions with my own character but I’m still unable to rotate the face, I even named my rig’s bones exactly like the ones included in the Face AR Sample Character. I have included every variable that seemed logic to include but with no luck. Can anyone give me some light on this? I’m fairly new to unreal so probably I’m missing something.

You’re missing one step that Epic didn’t mention in the documentation. You have to create and name the curves for the neck rotation. They’re of course not any of the AR kit blendshapes. I forgot if “curves” is the right terminology.

Could you further specify steps to enable head rotation? On stream Zak just mentioned about this curves as fields built upon arkit sdk.

having the same issue, a detailed explanation of how to fix it would be awesome.

Ok i figured it out… as **ianbercov **quickly explained, u need to create custom curves so the LiveLink data can be applied.

In a bit deeper explanation, in case anyone else comes across this:
U need to create anim curves for the 3 head rotations (“HeadYaw”,“HeadRoll”,“HeadPitch”). You do this inside the skeleton window under the anim curves tab. Right-click and add curve.

Now u can drive the head the same way as in the FaceArSample project, by getting the curve values of all 3, creating a rotator and applying it to a modify bone transform node. Enjoy!