Face appearing in the mirror (jumpscare)

You know what I mean, that typical oldschool horror vibe where suddenly silhouette of a ghost appears. Not fully brutal in the face of feel, but more like mistery kind of scary that makes you go like “what was that”.
How is that possible? I mean directly in the mirror. So far I think it could be done only with a reflection from a character that appears and disappears in the back. Also I don’t have character in the scene, so kind of could use character appearance as jumpscare, but I really would like to know how to achieve that horror effect in general. Another option could be using video editing software and then using mirror as a screen and replaying it, so it kind of blends in with the colours and environment. But I also don’t know how to achieve it, just an idea :slight_smile:

  • make the mirror an actual mirror (likely use ASceneCapture2D and render target)
  • attach a creepy mesh to the player (invisible at first)
  • fade the mesh in then out
  • would have to make sure the mesh has no back faces and it is attached so the player camera is inside it
  • there is also an “OwnerNoSee” flag on components, which would be easier than the “no back faces” deal, but I’m not sure if that would affect the mirror render target

Something like that.


Use planar reflection, besides that, its perfect.