FABRIK node doesnt respect angle constraints?

I am working on a FABRIK setup to control my characters hands and feet directly, and using IK to move the arms and legs accordingly.
However, the limbs just take any possible position, instead of chosing humanoid, realistic angles. Does the FABRIK node not implement angular
constraints or does the ThirdPerson Skeleton simply not have any constraints? ( And if it doesn’t, how do I put those in ?)

Thanks in advance!
Cheers : )

An update to the FABRIK joint limits:

I found the dev who contributed the FABRIK implementation on reddit and contacted him. He/she
confirmed that there are no joint limits implemented for the FABRIK node, even though the
theoretical algorithm describes a way of doing so.

Consequently, anyone using the FABRIK node will have to implement joint limits or constraints
him/herself. The paper on this algorithm can be found here: