FABRIK giving invalid warning

I am using a FABRIK node with a simple play anim sequence as input and a straight output to the rendered pose node and yet I get the yellow warning saying that it’s using BP as input which slows it down. I looked at everyting I could think of but it all seems just a plain and simple node with no fancy connecitons, just trying to use a bone to a fixed world position. It may be that something implicit causes this warning that is not directly located around that node, but I don’t know where to look
Does anybody have any idea what could be interfering with that node?


In case somebody has the same or a similar problem:
The FABRIK node uses a Transform as input. I had the input pin split up in position, rotation and scale and only supplied a position. Apparently this means that the anim graph has to combine this with default values which qualifies as extra work.
I replaced my location vector variable with a Transform variable into which I set the location and then supply the Transform to the FABRIK and now the warning is gone