Fabricator not showing up in Smithy

OK so, I have a stack mod, and it has some werid issues going on right now. I have all resources re mapped and all crafted mats ( spark powder, gunpowder, etc)

Anyways since i remaped all that i had to remake a custom mortar and pestle. Did that like this…And it works fine.
I remapped the whole default inventory to use my custom stacking items (Had to do this cause even though they are child’s of the original’s the default pestle still didnt pick them up)

So next I remaped the chem bench, well when i did that it did not appear in the inventory of the fabricator, so i had to remap the WHOLE fabricator this way.

So that being said, the fabricator is now not appearing in the smithy, as its my own custom engram (EVEN THOUGH it overrides the original) So that being said I really do not want to remap the whole smith (138 engrams) to get the fabricator to appear, so that being said, is there away around this? Like a better way, other than how i did the fabricator.