Fabric that reacts to objects that touch it?

I’ve been trying to figure this out for awhile, but I’m getting nowhere fast. I’d like to create a piece of hanging cloth that actually reacts accordingly when objects interact with it. All I’m finding are tutorials for how to integrate cloth physics into skeletal meshes like clothing and hair, but that’s not what I want. The cloth examples found in the Content Example tutorials look nice and all until you actually try to touch them… Then you realize they’re just collision-less assests there to flutter in the breeze and not much else. How do I make these cloth objects interactive and able to be bumped and pushed by foreign objects?

Still no response, huh? Is what I’m looking for simply not possible in UE4?

This is a better question for the answer hub, but this should be possible with apex clothing. The examples in the Content Examples is vertex animated cloth, I believe.

also take a look into the gameworks integration here: NVIDIA GameWorks Integration - General Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums

Long story short, it’s not easy, and it’s not perfect, but it should be doable.

I’m afraid I don’t understand. That link you provided doesn’t seem to have anything to do with fabric. It seems to be about trees, or something.

Again, like I’ve said. I’m not trying to make clothing for a character. No cloaks, no capes. I’d like to make a freely-hanging sheet that reacts to collisions and physics objects. Imagine a bed sheet hung out to dry. While the Content Example cloth objects look the part, they don’t actually have collision. I want to be able to run into one of these cloth objects and have them react accordingly.

It’s been quite some time. Please can I get some help on this? I’d rather not continue with my project until I know this is working. I can’t believe that asking for a piece of cloth is that far-fetched of a request, is it?

Have you tried this tut?

Otherwise there’s the full integration which I’m unsure of its current integration

I still don’t think this is what I’m looking for. What people keep directing me to is CLOTHING. I don’t want cloth that’s attached to a character, or flag because, as far as I can tell, those cloth meshes will only collide with the characters they are attached to.

Will the methods explained here allow me to create cloth that can dynamically react to collisions with OTHER actors?

For instance. Will this hanging fabric react accordingly if I threw a physics cube at it?

Your best bet is to use a rigged “cloth asset” that responds to environmental forces (wind, gravity, etc…), as well as other objects. You can use Apex cloth dynamics, but that would be more expensive than just rigging it.

I’m not sure if UE4 supports it, or if it’s even possible, but look at, or do research on, vertex collisions. That may lead you down the rabbit hole, as the saying goes.

Do I need to use Apex to make a cloth asset? Are there any tutorials on the subject?

Hang on. Savior. When you say “rigged cloth asset” are you saying that I should have a cloth with a bunch of bones on it, each rigged to one vertex each and then let the ragdoll physics handle it?