FA{U}ST for Vyrus - Unreal Engine 5 Short Movie

Hi everybody,
after Life is a Rally, a new short movie is coming, done in Unreal Engine 5 and mostly created with Houdini. It features many stuff, like point deformed animations, flip fluids, fxs, storytelling…

An Artstation page with some breakdowns is coming, will update when ready.
This is the first step of a documentary in Virtual Production that I want to produce about Vyrus motorcycle.
The language spoken is Early Modern English, so you can see English and Italian subtitles if needed

Unlike Marlowe’s Faust, in Goethe the Doctor, even if by now old, blind and damned, dies dreaming of a utopian city where humanity can live happily and in harmony. Precisely his abilityto dream and create, a totally human fire that burns inside him, will allow to save himself and defeat Mephistopheles whose only intent is to obtain the supreme nothingness. This short film pays homage to the visionary creativity of Ascanio Rodrigo who, with his brand Vyrus, manages to create technologically advanced works of Art but which are unique thanks to that human ardor that dreamed them. Technology itself often turns out to be the final achievement, but the true Artist manages to tame it as a tool. “FA {U} ST for Vyrus” is a tribute to the work of Ascanio Rodrigo and his ability to never stop, dreaming instruments capable of generating unique emotions. This short is intended as an introduction to a larger documentary in which Ascanio recounts his latest creation, Alyen, and the history of the brand.


Hey guidoponzini,

I knew at 0:28 with the hearts beating (what I assumed was a flower) that this movie would be a journey.

You’ve created something mind-bending and artistic that really encouraged me to think about the capabilities of what we can create and “will” into being.

Thanks so much for sharing this and I hope to see more soon! :slight_smile:

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It looks great! Flipping trough the video the cameras are very nice. Dof looks good, grading is good. Asset quality is very high and UE5 makes a lot of sense there.
Some things I noticed:

  • Grass in general. Does not hold up in certain closeups (maybe its scaled to big in general?) and needs some brown spots & variation. Also you could fake in some subsurface scattering to make it look softer.

  • 01:53: The oil stuff. Doing something like this in UE is still very hard and it was done very nicely. Could still look better with some foam, bubbles and less noise on the surface before the robo drops.

  • 02:08: Camera is very static and the wobble on the statue somehow looks a bit lowpoly. Also a lot of bloom here.

  • 03:15: The colorgrading is flat and sepia and does not connect to the rest of the clip. The UE part looks much better to me.

Cheers =)