F8 (Possess or Eject Player) Hotkey not ejecting my player

I found the section in Editor Preferences > General > Keyboard Shortcuts > Possess or Eject Player and it is correctly set to F8. When I press F8 in play mode I’m not getting ejected from my player view. Know anything I can try to fix this? The function used to work.

This is happening to me too. I’m using a Kinesis keyboard that requires me to press a “fn” button to activate my function keys. I guess we could always just create a new binding…

I found that it does not work with the New Editor Window, but does work for me in the Selected Viewport only. I’m not sure this is intended, but I guess I’ll just have to not use the new editor window.

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Nice–Selected Viewport works for me as well. Thanks for the tip!

I have done every thing what you guys mentioned, but nothing happened

Hey, I ran into the exact same problem as well, My solution is to simply remap it to F8 again and it started working.

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Thank you