[F2P] Kittens' Maze

Kittens’ Maze
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Created by: Aasura Project
Team: Aasura (Designer / Programmer / SoloDev)
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Kittens’ Maze is a simple, relaxing, and fun 3D TPP game.

The goal is to gain as many coins within a given time as possible. Some coins are on the ground, some are under the terrain and have to be dugout. The game has also a local PvP game mode.
The playable characters are cute kitties. Males deal more damage but are a bit slower, females deal less damage but are quicker and jump a bit higher. There are also power-ups in the boxes placed in the game arena.

Have fun with destroying the game environment and beating your high scores!

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Kittens’ Maze is participating in Game Development World Championship in a “Hobby Game of the Year” category! You can vote for it in the Fan Favourite vote of the week here:
EDIT: Kittens’ Maze took 2nd place. Thank you for your support!