F Zero Remake - Heavily WIP

Hey guys!

I am making a remake of F Zero to learn more UE4. What do you guys think? There is a whole lot of progress to do, but I do look forward to it. I want to properly make a cockpit where the hud is located so it works with VR. And I am eager to make a whole bunch of crazy track designs!

Current problems/stuff to do.

  • Control machine’s pitch while in the air. Any clues?
  • Some sounds do not loop (Energy refill sound)
  • Create a bar display for health instead of a numeric value (Any tutorials on that?))
  • Reduce health when bumping with objects
  • Make my own music
  • Remake the machine and cockpit
  • Remake the track mesh and it’s UV texture
  • Create a ‘Garage’ where you select tracks and modify settings.
  • And a whole lot of bunch more!

And if you wanna help out, just send me an email, I check that more often eugenio.motanum91 AT gmail.com

Cool, not a bad way to start learning UE4 :slight_smile: I am actually starting a video game company and making a game with some similar concepts that I’ve been working on for the past 5 months. You’re going to have a blast once you get VR going and the HUD in the ship’s cockpit. It’s pretty awesome!

But I wish you the best of luck and have fun buddy!

Thanks man!

good start,

I found that PIE is basically useless after a certain point, if you create a stand alone build it runs MUCH better.

I also started a “track” based game to learn BP, the limitations I have found either due to my own ignorance or features that are unavailable is that so far as I can tell I can’t attach things like lights to a Spline Mesh so that when it tiles out along the spline that it replicated these kinds of items so I don’t have to manually place each one.

There are spline blueprints, but I don’t know them yet. There is a video tutorial though

This looks great so far! F-Zero was an old favorite. That and quantum redshift, which totally abused FOV. If you used UDK at all, there’s some great code in their vehicle class with an example of lerping FOV for perceived acceleration if you’re interested. Would be easily achieved with blueprints.

Howdy Motanum,

Awesome job so far. I used to play F-Zero back in the day like crazy. I can’t wait to see more of your project as you progress along in the development. Be sure to keep us updated and have a great day!