EzJadeXSSS: Light-Weight Subsurface Scattering Materials (for mobile)

Hello everyone,

This is a post for promotion and discussion on my asset pack of subsurface scattering material templates:…ring-materials

Price: $15.99 (initial version)


This material pack contains an implementation of my original subsurface-scattering approximation method for UE4, which is named Sphere-Probe Subsurface Scattering Approximation. Just similar to the idea of light probe, an arbitrary geometry can be firstly mapped to a sphere, and then the subsurface scattering is approximated on the spherical shape based on the volumetric scattering theory. Hence, for a sphere object, the result is almost physically accurate, except for some simplifications to reduce the computational workloads. For other geometries, the effect is approximated. As the computing consumption of this method is not heavy, it is suitable for conveying the visual perceptions of jade and skin materials on mobile devices.


  • Realistic subsurface scattering effects
  • Light-weight, suitable for mobile devices
  • Easy to generate the materials such as jades and skins


Brief tutorial

  1. Create the main directional light source in the scene.

  2. Create the skylight in the scene if needed.

  3. Drag the Blueprint (BP_MainLightInfo if no skylight or BP_MainLightInfo_With_SkyLight if using skylight) into the scene, and set the directional light, skylight (if there is), and environment parameters. Generally, the environment color and intensity are set consistent with the ones in world settings, while they can be slightly adjusted anyway for better results.

  4. Apply the material instances to your meshes.

Benefits to programmers

A custom node version of implementation MF_SphereProbeSSS_C (used in MI_SphereProbeSSS_Template_C) is also included, which can be a reference to programmers as well as a convenience for debugging. I can provide the technical support for the principle of algorithm Sphere-Probe Subsurface Scattering Approximation (please just contact me privately and show your screenshot of the code in MF_SphereProbeSSS_C, which you don’t understand).

Brilliant work! How can I have such a skill?

It’s looks amazing. :eek:

Version 2 plan: will add a new SSS approximation algorithm, which is lighter-weight as another option.


qq.comIt’s looks amazing. :eek:


Product updated: refinement for shadow. For safety, please save a backup before updating.

Updated: bug fixed in the formula.

Very nice,Perfect solution to project problems.