Eyelash Shadow on CC3 / Daz actor

Let me say upfront I am very new to UE4, to Character Creator, to Daz, etc. My interest is using UE4 for Cinematics. I successfully moved a Daz character to CC3/iClone and used their UE4 plug in for import. My problem is that the eyelash geometry (I guess the alpha mask) throws a shadow in the shape of the invisible geometry. The hair also doesn’t look right, which I assume may be due to a similar issue.
I tried to find a solution for this but the imported node tree for the eyelashes alone looks daunting for a newbie. I’ve searched google to death and even though I found some others with the same problem I really haven’t found a solution online. I’d really appreciate any help! Just please word it so a novice can follow:)
I’m attaching an image to illustrate.
Thank you!