Eye problem when exporting from DAZ3D to UE 4

hey everyone,
this is my first post and problem with UE so bare with me please.
so i’ve been trying to import my character model from Daz to UE and everything is going well so far exept for the ghost eyes & eye lashes i get and it’s really frustrating after trying every export and import option in in the software, so here’s my issue pics…
First, i build my character with daz and export it to 3dxchange

Second, i import the character to 3dxchange to adjust the vertices no. and other whatever then export with these settings

Third, these are my importing setting for UE4

Finally, this is what i get

Please help me i want to start working on my project but i can’t because of this issue,thanks a lot

Moved your thread to the correct location.

Nothing wrong there. The eye has an outer cornea that uses a transparency map. Same with the eye lash. For the eye lash you will have to find the mask but for the cornea I found that a glass material works well.

P.S. Try Merge Defused and Opacity Textures. That should put the opacity map into the diffused slot which you can change to the proper map slot in UE4