Eye Movement

Im currently rigging a character for use in UE. Im wondering how to animate the eyes as im not sure how to do that on a game character. Previously ive done eye rigs
for animation and use withing maya. My first instinct is to use joints with aim costraints so that they always look a a certain control object. but does that work for
a game character? Or is there another better way to do it? I havent found a eye rigging tutorial specific for UE and im concerned that i might end up doing something
that cant be exported to UE as ive already had to backtrack a bunch of times previously when developing my game.

Well the most import part of getting facial animation right is in the eyes as the eye never lie. The eyes will tell you the difference between someone doing a cover tune with emotion or the karaoke version reading words off a screen or as bad as the mess known as Mass Effect Andromeda…Getting it right is where the experience of the animator comes into play as to what looks right. and why as compared to what looks wrong and more important why and the best way I’ve learned to figure it out is to watch newscasters with the sound turned off.

As to my process.

Using UE4 it’s possible to break lip sync into layers blend per bone so the character speaking really is just a matter of the mouth opening and closing to the beat with a bit of an expression shape blended in to break symmetry. This is one area where Mass Effect failed as symmetry is what makes the character look good at rest but when talking an actors symmetry is all over the map, more so when expressing an emotion. An upturned lip or slide the jaw is more than enough. but once again with sound turn of it’s easy to see the left side usually does not look like the right side.

Eyes are different as they are wired to function together, Unless your doing Mister Spock, and tend to make micro adjustments as to focus of interest.

The only way I’ve figured out how to do it right is by combining the eye movements as to up,down,left and right is to included the eye lids as part of a morph target solution that does not involve “just” the rotation of the eyes.

As reference.

You could do some general eye movement as a procedural just keep in mind that a little is a lot and avoid the tendency to prove that the “actor” is animated.

If all else fails there is still good old fashion hand keying. :wink:

Thank you!! :slight_smile: