EXYNOS 5420 (Galaxy Tab S)

I’m very new to unreal engine 4. I have experience using 3D Studio Max and Blender, so I hope to get the hang of things quickly…

I have made a simple game and built a Windows 64Bit exe which worked fine.
I have the Android SDK installed, it built fine… (Takes a while. But read this is typical experience for long waits)

Compiled as, Android ETC1

I’m having issues trying to play on Android. My specific device didn’t play and comes up with an error when launching the game

Unable to run on this device!
App is packaged for OpenGL ES 3.1 but device has not met all the requirements for ES 3.1:
Device has OpenGL ES 3.1 Support: Yes
Floating Point render target support: NO
This device does not support Vulkan but the app was not packaged with either OpenGL ES 2 or ES 3.1 support
Updating to a newer Android Version may resolve this issue.

I have already upgraded my device from Android 6, to a custom ROM which is 7.1, there is nothing newer
My Android Device is a Samsung Galaxy TAB S (EXYNOS 5420) Mali-T628 MP6 GPU

Can anyone here help me choose the right settings to compile to my device. Maybe a setting which lowers graphics setting?


Hi, did you find any solution to this??