Extremely long loading at launcher

I’m intermittenly being made to wait 15-20 minutes at the launcher when launching UE4 for the first time after booting.

Anyway to make it faster? does it have to do with the fact that I have many projects in UnrealProjects and it is being verified.

What is your Hardware specs, How many projects you’ve got and what is their approximate file size and file count please.

The best way to optimize some stuff is migrating them to other projects if you are re-using them.

PS: By aproximate file size and count i mean “Project 1 has 50 files and a total of 20 mb, Project 2 has…” Etc.

Pretty sure it had nothing to do with project folders. I’ve tried moving them away. but I’m still getting it.

Stuck at the “Please Wait…” and then it says project not ready. and the subscribe button pops up