Extremely Long Compile Times

After cloning from GitHub yesterday, on 2/09/15, the master branch took 4.5 hours to compile (Not a guess of time, but the actual time that the Build Tool spits out). Typically the engine takes 30-40 minutes to compile on my machine. I was wondering if anybody else has had a similar issue with the latest build or if it is just a one off thing that happened on my machine?

Hey ProlixLegend,

I haven’t heard of any unusually long compile time for the master branch recently. It may have just been a bug, but if it’s still happening with builds beyond that one, that’s a sign something is wrong. Have you tried to compile a newer build yet?

It was definitely a bug on that specific build. It happened every time I tried building, but the most recent commits must have fixed it because I can’t replicate it on the master branch anymore.