Extremely high cpu usage

I am having a bit of concern getting started. I setup a new project using the sample assets, the car driving game example. Within a few seconds the CPU usage jumps from 17% for that app up and up. I have a screenshot I can upload showing 177% CPU. The fan kicks in full blast and doesn’t go off. Computer is fully upgraded MCP 2015 / 16 gb ram / ssd …

I am not sure what to do. Am I going to need a different computer? I would like to try and find a way to limit the cpu use, even if it slows down the app.

Secondly, would like to learn more about why there so much use. Literally I have not added anything to a sample project and just panning around and it kicks in this much. I saw on first install that it didn’t like my version of xcode but it went ahead and rendered a bunch of … shaders or components … a window popped up right after install and counted down from about 3000. I updated xcode and it said it might have to re-render those assets but no window popped back up. Is this possibly what is going on?

Just getting started so any tips would be appreciated.

That means it’s using more than one core, I’m not sure if the Macbook would count the integrated GPU in that but it would hit the Intel Iris graphics pretty hard anyway.

Ok, I was a bit worried when it showed more than 100% … I figured that could be why. Outside from that, it seems a bit much considering I barely have to open a project before this thing is blowing full blast. I am going to try it on my mac mini. It always seemed to heat up a bit slower than this laptop.

Are other macbook pro 2015 users or similar machines experiencing this type of response when opening up projects?

I figured out the solution. I was watching a tutorial and found a place in the UI you can modify that took care of basically everything. At the least, I can have the game open now without the fan kicking on, even when I am not at the machine for 5 minutes…

This is how I took care of this for anyone who comes across this thread. This may be very useful for people developing games on laptops. This one, just seemed to almost have an overactive fan I have thought. Every time I am even scrubbing through video while editing it is doing the same thing. Not even rendering the video. I am not impressed given this was the best laptop mac had to offer in the store when I bought it and I got it fully upgraded… oh well… going to try working off a mac mini as well to see how it handles it. Starting to get the hang of the editor, I am liking it.

Well Apple does not produce good working laptops, better invest the money into a dedicated machine or one of the other brands clunkier but better real working laptops.

I agree. Was not very impressed considering it was the most expensive computer I ever have purchased. Even just editing regular hd video, 1080p … it shouldn’t go nuts with the fan like that. Still that is a fair amount of footage to process, I get that its working hard.

During this process I started trying to install Unreal engine on my mini 2012. It has the most recent verisons of OSX and xcode. It won’t install. I am figuring that somewhere the system doesn’t meet the min. requirements, although I am not sure where. It is a decent little machine.

I hear there is an update to the mac mini lineup … I was more impressed by that than the laptop. I will likely be updating this soon enough. The good news is that it looks like with this turned off, I can at the least work through the tutorials without listening to the fan run full blast & worrying I am going to melt my cpu.

yes I am Oslo having problems sorry for my bad English