Extreme RAM usage ... when deleting something (World Composition) - Computing References

Hi UE Community, i have a big problem with my project.
I made a huge open world map with world composition and it was all fine until few days ago when the unreal engine started perfectly, the level loaded perfectly (also the sub level) and then it happens:
→ I can add objects to the level but when i load for example the persistent level which only contains the skybox and some player spawner and i add and delete here a simple cube (or in the sub levels - doesnt matter), the engine starts to “computing references” and compile them all … **the engine using over 30GB RAM for this?!

The Result is now that the engine crashes with over 36GB RAM usage …

(i screenshoted this before it reached the 30+GB RAM usage)**

This never happened before!

Can someone tell me how to fix this … ?

  • I upgraded because of this error my Computer to 64GB RAM and its crazy that the engine is using in this moment 33,4GB RAM and the loading process is not finished …
  • Iam using the UE4.24.3 Source Version