Extreme lag with client using PiE. Packaged game works fine

This is an issue that has just shown up recently. I’ve had this project up and running for about a year now, and have never encountered this (multiplayer third person shooter). The issue is everything that’s being replicated is EXTREMELY slow to update, primarily character movement. This is the case when running 2 players in PiE (server/client) or running 1 player as client with dedicated server. All bots and the server’s character from clients POV only update position/rotation like every 15 seconds if at all (most are just stuck in place, though I know they’re moving because I can hear all the interactions around the map). When playing as a client in PiE, the character itself is horribly desynced (big corrections, spaced far apart), and dropping lots of inputs like jumping. If I remove all bots or just keep one active, the characters tend to update a bit more frequently/reliably, but still extremely slow. Even when I join as a spectator as a client, I see the command fire off on the server immediately, but it takes several seconds before the spectator pawn actually spawns. It almost seems like the simulated bandwidth is being completely choked.

This only seems to be an issue with this project. Simulating client connections using PiE in other projects using same engine version works as expected.

This is the only new line I’m seeing from the output log that seems to relate to this issue. As far as I can tell, there are no other related warnings/errors.

LogNetPlayerMovement: Warning: CreateSavedMove: Hit Limit of 96 saved moves (timing out or very bad ping?)

This is NOT an issue of poor netcode (although it certainly is far from perfect). I tried using the network profiler tool, but nothing really substantial stood out. It has been working up until recently just fine, and when I package the game, setup a multiplayer match, and have players join as clients, everything runs smoothly as expected. But since packaging is a long process, this is obviously far from ideal for testing.

I’ve been endlessly back tracking to figure out if I did anything to cause this. I didn’t add any [PacketSimulationSettings] in DefaultEngine.ini before this started happening, although I just updated it to make sure all lag related simulation settings were 0, but that didn’t help. It shouldn’t have anything to do with my actual network connection or firewall settings. Those have not changed.

I’m assuming I did do something recently that caused this, but I cannot figure it out. Any ideas or tips on how I can go about tracking this down?

Thank you

Edit: Does not seem to be map related. Happens on all maps (large multiplayer map, tutorial, main menu)

Well after about a month, this issue seems to have resolved itself. I tried to fix this and test within PIE nearly everyday over the past few weeks, and it only started properly working again this week. I truly don’t know what the original cause was, or how it went away. I did at some point rebuild the source engine, but that was a couple weeks ago and it had no effect when I originally tested afterward.

Edit - In case anyone manages to find this post, this is what fixed all my issues: