Extreme frame drop in 4.7.4


Curious if its just me but since upgrade my fps went from 30 to roughly 5 - 10 fps.
Anyone else experiencing this?

I’m having similar problems with the engine.


I get extreme drops whenever I use the File, Edit, Window, and Help menu. As well as when any tooltip messages pop up if I hover over an icon too long.


Also crashes when I try to hotreload

Me too, frame drops but never stuck, or crash

Hmm. Bit strange. In my case im starting to think its project related because my other games are running at 90FPS. Its just this one project. Even when looking at the ground and nothing is drawn on screen.
Definitely lighting related because if i switch off lighting and visualize unlit… its smooth 90fps again.

I converted Kaboom Arena to 4.7.4 and I am not experiencing a frame drop at all. The game is running consistently at the same frame rate prior to 4.7.4.

Turns out i had too many lightmaps. After disabling some objects from generating lightmaps the performance is now back on 30fps. And i noticed some textures are dropping it to this 30. The potential is there to have it at 50fps.
60 would be ideal but lets see what can be optimized.

I had same issues with Editor with newest Nvidia drivers on win10 so I had to use old drivers. No such problem on win8 though

Hello all,

For anyone experiencing the issue, would you mind updating to version 4.7.5 to see if the issue still occurs? From what I have gathered this seems to be project specific so gathering a repro-test case could prove to be difficult, but if updating resolves the issue we can go ahead and use that as the solution.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance please let us know.


Andrew Hurley