Extract object variables

Hello all!

N00b here.

I probably should know this by now but i’m having problems with extracting variables from an springarm component.

Here is an image of what i am trying to replicate in a tutorial.


I simply don’t know how to make the bloc that splits the springarm into the 3 float variables appear or where to get it.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

the are 2 ways to access struct variables :
1- Drag a pin then Break
2- Right Click then Split


Man this is so wierd! Thank you Mhousse1247 for replying so quickly but i don’t understand where you got your bloc “target -> relative rotation”.

When i drag the springarm pin and release it, i then type “break” in the search bar but … i’m not sure which one to use. The “break rotator” module doesn’t work directly on the springarm. How did you convert it to “relative rotation”?