Extra Steps Required To Multiply Built-In Functions Float (single) to float (double)

using UE5 preview 2 has broken the quick workflow of multiplying floats from UE5 own built-in blueprints since none of them are double precision float by default. I just want to drag and have it automatically convert the math node as it has always done. Now you have to either convert UE5s own functions from single precision to double precision and then the math node will work OR spend the time right clicking the math node and converting it to single precision. This is just an annoying time wasting step. Is there a reason all of the existing blueprints just don’t use double precision by default if not, please fix the math nodes to recognize and convert single precision automatically.

I just noticed the same issue and googled it only to find there seems to be no solution. This is really irritating for us who work in Blueprints. Any temporary fix for this?
I just hope Epic don’t push this so called “feature” in the final release

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I have also noticed this after trying the new preview. This is such a huge regression in workflow productivity for blueprints.

This alone is stopping me from experimenting further with the preview as it is too painful compared to 5 EA

Did I post this to the wrong forums? This seems like a bug at this point. When dragging off, for instance, max walk speed and typing “*” and clicking multiply, you literally get a blank multiply note. Then when you try to drag to it, it says “no matching function for float (single precision)”. Even then after right click and converting the multiply node to float single precision, the bottom node stays grey. So you can’t even add a number to the bottom node. If however you convert one node to float double precision, then you at least get the expected input boxes so you can add a number to it. At this point I basically have to use double precision math nodes for everything even though it seems completely unnecessary. Anyone else not have any issues with this???

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Not sure how to mark this as resolved, but this seems to be working in UE5 Release. Back in business!

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Yep. back to business now

Just use simple Multiply note, it will work I hope