Extra movesmooth

The latent move functions surrounds the obstacles with movesmooth, but at very slow velocity, the pawns are semi-stucked and it seems unnatural.

I have done a functión (using hitwall and bump events) to add an extra velocity to surround obstacles. Not working bad, but there are some way to achieve this using the native functions, any way to get less friction in the native moveto / movetoward? (without having to assign physical materials to all the static meshes in the map…, not tried anyway).

I don’t get it. you’re using latent move functions on the player pawn? or are you referring only to NPC’s? (your video mostly shows the player pawn and you even turn on/off movesmooth in places with just the player pawn)

nice town btw :slight_smile:

No, I didn’t explain well, sorry. The function uses move() and is called from the hitwall and bump events. Works with the player and the bots, even the bots are in a latent execution.