Extra assets for game prototyping

Hello there!

Having worked with other developers in the past, many of whom were programmers with little to no modeling / animation skills, I couldn’t help but notice just how lacking the default templates are in regards to content.

For instance, the FPS template doesn’t have many assets that would definitely come in handy for many common shooter features, such as a reloading animation.

If there’s enough interest, I’d like to publish a pack containing some 3D Assets and animations for programmers to use during the early prototyping stages.
Having discussed the matter with some other developers, the pack would contain assets such as :

  • Some generic idle animations for prototype NPCs - standing still, talking, pointing…
  • Various First Person animations to aid with FPS prototyping - reloading your weapon, lowering it to sprint, putting it away when switching to your secondary…
  • Alternative high quality and LOD weapon meshes for a FPS / TPS - ideal to immediately differentiate between weapons!
  • Generic survival/RPG assets - a medkit or a pouch to represent that sweet, sweet item you definitely want to grab!

The pack will contain minimal/no code

Please, let me know what you think - and what you might need, even! - by posting in this thread!