ExternalizingAssets - can you load external 3D models, textures and such?

Stupid question, but we’ve been using MP4 videos in the game that we externalized (e.g. they are single MP4 files in our cooked game that everyone can replace with better custom videos).

We do like that concept as we are often releasing new beta versions and try to save space.

Now we’ve been thinking if we can extend that concept to character models, too. By default we are packing all assets into one monolithic PAK file - like probably all of you do. We thought a bit and of course we could omit the PAK file and distribute “static” content like the hero character model/animations in seperate releases - what we don’t like about this approach is that the incomplete release without the hero model doesn’t work.

So right now we were thiking about way to load such assets during runtime, like have the game check if a character model is present and then offer to load it.

Did anyone ever do something like this? Character packs? Model packs? Loading external resources (besides mp4 and sound)?

Any creative ideas and brainstorming welcome.

Yes. We were investigating the DLC Patching system for Loading external resources, but, a new Asset Management Framework was introduced in 4.16 & 4.17. Currently there is little documentation on use, so, we’re testing by trail and error. If you are interested in our Test Results lets discuss here. Ask for DPROBoy.