External weightmap for cloth-weighting

Hey guys

i’m playing around with the cloth simulation settings.
While the simulation is pretty awesome, the paint tools for the weighting are extremely
basic and its very hard to get good results if your asset for simulation is a little bit more complex or complicated.

So i was looking if it is possible to import a custom weightmap from my 3D software, and assign it to the cloth data. Sadly i didnt find anything.

It would be really nice if this could become a feature or if the tools for painting get expanded, so your able to make paint vertex loops, limit painting to one object (only connected vertices).

To make you understand where i struggle, below are some images of my character and where i have problems with the painting.

Often the radius of the brush is too big, so other parts also get changes in weight.
If the brush is smaller, it gets more and more annoying, because the weights dont get applied all the time, so you brush around, click some more and accidently again painted on an other part.
There are workarounds, like creating a material just for the parts i want to simulate, but then i still have to make adjustments to the top, so they dont disconnect from the rest of the mesh when simulation start.
Also this is tedious with the Substance painter workflow, which creates a layer per material, meaning there are two layers for one single mesh.

i hope i made my situation clear and why it would be awesom if the tools get expanded or there is an option to import a weightmap for the simulation.

Thanks a lot