External uncooked data file

Dear Friends,

We are developing a multi platform game that must run in Android, Windows and iOS. We are packaging the game for deployment and we are having some difficulties with some XML files from the project that must not be “cooked” inside the data file.

What we have done in order to have them exposed in the compiled game is: In Project Settings -> Packaging -> “Additional Non-Asset Directories to Copy” we have added the /Content/Data folder that contains the xml files we need.

This works in Windows platform (the files are put in the final folder structure and the game executable does access them without problem.

But on Android the /Content/Data is not copied into the installation folder. We checked this in a rooted phone using the file browser.

What are we missing? Why the /Content/Data is copied to the target directory on windows but not on Android?

Thank you for your time and attention!

Hi scudelari,

Take a look at this forum thread: The files are in the embedded OBB/PAK so you need to use the Unreal filesystem to access them. If you need them externally, you can copy them out (there is an example in the thread).