External libraries, extensions, expanding C++ for a noob.

Noobish thought slash questions, if I may. How does UDK 4 or does it allow for external C++ code to display in the game engine? Confusing
question with a lot of answers, I guess. Maybe an example might help. Let’s say, I have a dashboard I built in Visual C++ using winforms
and want that information displayed in a 3-d monitor in the game engine or I have gauges, faders or sliders that I want the user to manipulate. Let’s say, I have a functional application built in winforms that has a dialog with a slider with a number range from zero to 10 that adjusts the size of an object or volume of a sound. UDK works with classes and to a certain degree I understand that I must port the C++ code linking it to the actor / object / or thing that will display the dialog. This is a fuzzy area for me to comprehend seeing I’m just getting started with C++ in an online course and have only dabbled in Bluescript. Could I make a call to a virtual monitor that displays exactly what the winforms application is doing so a player can edit in the virtual world just as they would if it were an application? Maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree and winforms isn’t compatible? if so what is the methodology for building dialogs?


The way you will want to go is to use UE4 slate system koluskomtu.